Summer Fun

Plaisirs d'été


Boîte cadeau comprenant un ballotin 460g assortiment de chocolats belges, un sachet 200g de fruits de mer & un sachet 200g d'amandes entières enrobées de chocolat.


Wine Crate Summer



Boîte comprenant un ballotin 460g, un sachet 200g de nougats, un sachet 200g de truffes au chocolat au lait et une petite bouteille de vin blanc Château Lamothe 375ml.

Ballotin Blue Waves 460g

Ballotin 460g Vagues bleues


Un bel assortiment de délicieux chocolats belges artisanaux Valentino, emballé dans notre papier à cadeaux "Vagues bleues". Un mélange de chocolat noir, chocolat au lait et chocolat blanc fourré...

Brasser Crate

Cagette Brasser


Bière Brasser 75cl, Verre Brasser, Ballotin 340g de chocolats Brasserke.

Là où la bière rencontre le chocolat! Désirez-vous en savoir plus à propos de la Brasser? La perfection réside dan...

Book "Beer & Chocolate"

Livre "Bier & Chocolade"


La bière et le chocolat, les produits belges sont reconnus mondialement en raison de leur qualité supérieure. Mais peut-on vraiment déguster la bière et le chocolat ensemble? Qui l'eut crû? Et p...

A Day by the Sea

Une journée à la mer.


Assortiment composé d'un ballotin de chocolats belges 220g, d'Orangettes au chocolat noir 200g, de Fruits de mer 200g, de Mendiants au chocolat au lait 200g.


Chocolat du mois

Juin 2016 - Mendiant d'été

Notre nouveau chocolat du mois est un Mendiant d'été, du chocolat au lait garni de pistaches, noix de pécan, canneberges et bananes. Depuis plus de 5 ans, nos chocolatiers élaborent un nouveau chocolat chaque mois afin d'éveiller votre curiosité et encourageons chacun qui entre dans l'un de nos magasins à le goûter. Nous vous démontrons ainsi que nous ne manquons pas de ressources lorsqu'il s'agit de créativité et d'amusement ! ...
Ballotin Blue Waves 340g

Ballotin 340g Vagues bleues


Un bel assortiment de délicieux chocolats belges artisanaux Valentino, emballé dans notre papier à cadeaux "Vagues bleues". Un mélange de chocolat noir, chocolat au lait et chocolat blanc fourré...


Who are we?

What makes Valentino one of the Best?

Freshly made chocolates

Chocolate is our passion and we strive to bring the very best to you every day. Our goal at Valentino is to ensure the very best quality of natural ingredients and products. So that when you bite into any Valentino chocolate you are receiving our freshest and highest quality product. Simple but tasty recipes, that will have you coming back for more! And just in case you have tried all 100 plus of our chocolates, we like to make sure you are delighted each time you come in to our stores. So, we have our chocolate of the month. Each month we make a new chocolate with different flavors or fillings.

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Take a visual tour of our factory.

what's behind the scenes & how we make our chocolates

Creating chocolates is a special craft. Our master chocolatiers know great chocolate and what makes an even greater chocolate confection. We have top chocolatiers all of whom are qualified pastry and chocolate chefs. Our chocolatiers continue to train themselves in their craft everyday here at Valentino. These chocolate artists play with flavors, colors and scents in order to continue to surprise you our customer. Whether it is your first time in the shop, ordering from us online or you have been a customer for years we always make it our mission to delight you.

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Where can I buy?

Our Stores

Quality Products & Great Gifts

We run our own five store locations in the greater Brussels region. Our factory store in Schepdaal, and our stores in Basilix shopping Center, Halle, Ninove, and Dilbeek. It allows us to stay close to our Belgian roots and communities. The love and passion that we have for our work in chocolates is continued in our stores and in each of our shopkeepers. Come in anytime for a warm smile, a gift to give, a box of chocolates, or just simply to try a taste of great chocolate. Check out our store locator to find just how close our chocolate is to you.

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Online and throughtout the World

Valentino Chocolate in Belgium and Beyond

If you are reading this you have come to the right place! Feel free to browse our online shop. We have hundreds of gifts in all sorts of shapes and sizes to ensure you get exactly what you want for any occasion or reason you need chocolate. Not in Brussels or Belgium? That’s ok too! We ship throughout Europe but we also have shops in many countries and distributors around the world where you can pick up a box. Have a look at our gifts to see which one you like most.

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